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① nvabar. The navigation bar is the primary entry for all the features of the MGH. Users can browse through it, check out all the information we have about maca, and use some quick and easy online analysis tools to analyze or through our query system for fast data search. We provide a series of rich data such as CDS, protein and other information for academic inquiries.

② Quickly view labels. The purpose of this labels is to show MGH version information, how to quote MGH and the advantages and strengths of our website.

③ Information & Connection. This block centent the quick way to tutorial & help which can let users start quickly and information about MGH's development team.


The introduction is made up of two parts. First, the basic information about Maca, on its genome, phylogenetic tree, growth environment, etc.; on the other hand is the introduction of Maca's phenotypes information.


This page is the news of the MGH website. We will keep all information related to our hub here to inform the users of the latest progress on this site.


There are three main tools in MGH: BLAST, Jbrowse and macasearch. Users can search 7 kinds of information about maca via gene ID or other keywords in our macasearch system. We provided some examples for each search tool, Users can try it through click the "example" button.


We offer a series of online browsing and download services related to Maca research. In this page the user can query such as title, magazine, author, publication year and other information. You can access the online browsing page (Google Chrome only) by clicking on the title and can be downloaded directly ( for research purposes only, forbidden commercial and malicious ).


Users can download database of Maca from here. Our hub provides users with four aspects of data download: maca whole genome, Chloroplast genome database, Gene synteny (maca vs. maca and maca vs. AT), Expression data. Users can quickly and easily open all branches to show all the files or close them with the two buttons we provide.


The three parts make up this page.


We have collected some frequently asked questions, where users can jump to the corresponding answer by clicking on the question. If the user has more to ask, we encourage users to contact us through the feedback!


Users can use this page to obtain the principal investigator's mailbox and the hub of the contact information. Click on the email address can be directly to the default settings of the mail application can be quickly e-mail editing and sending out.


It is this page! It helps users understand how to use MGH.